Supplier Base Management - SBM

Most large organizations have thousands of suppliers. It is imperative to collect, organize, maintain and share information about these suppliers. However, managing the data associated is a labor-intensive and error-prone task unless done via technology-enabled platforms.

Our proven and seamless SaaS (Software as a Service) based SBM module features; high end technology infrastructure, exceptional ease of use, functionality and a cost-free implementation environment. You can easily regain the control of your vendor database by effectively managing the whole bunch of information associated.

In what ways your company will benefit from our Supplier Base Management module?

  • Avoid error prone tasks, have a complete and accurate vendor database. By adopting our SBM module, you can minimize the risk of error and paperwork by easily managing your vendors’ inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, and fragmented information through our Platform’s high end technology infrastructure.
  • Single repository for vendor information. You can easily and securely store all relevant data about your vendors and have access to them regardless of time and location.
  • Vendor self-registration and customizable questionnaires. You can enable either your potential or incumbent vendors to self register to the Platform by completing the questionnaire created by your professionals. Those vendors can easily upload, update and relay their contact information, attach any related certificates and answer all of the questions required.


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