NegoSmart delivers a globally recognized state of the art cloud e-Sourcing module, which is adopted by more than 300 companies in 40 countries worldwide, to help its clients experience significant time and cost savings during their sourcing activities in a short period of time.

Our proven and seamless SaaS (Software as a Service) based e-Sourcing platform features; high end technology infrastructure, exceptional ease of use, functionality and a cost-free implementation environment. You can easily; qualify your potential vendors by deploying our e-RFI (Request for Information) module, ask them to place their initial bids by using our e-RFQ / e-RFP (Request for Quotation / Proposal) module, conduct e-ReverseAuctions over the platform by inviting your qualified vendors and manage your contracts appertaining to those e-ReverseAuctions.

In what ways your company will benefit from our e-Sourcing module?

  • Reduce your costs dramatically. You can have the opportunity to achieve significant savings, make remarkable contributions to your company’s bottomline and negotiate on the contract terms more efficiently by taking advantage of the escalating competition among your vendors.
  • Build a transparent sourcing cycle. By running your sourcing activities on a transparent environment; you can easily monitor, analyze and pull out both historical and current data on every step of your sourcing process anytime you wish.
  • Broaden vendor database and encourage competition. You can reach numerous local and global vendors nested in our database and invite them to your events, thus increase competition and cut down your costs.
  • Save time for strategic planning and sourcing. By conducting your contract based and on demand sourcing activities over our e-Sourcing platform, you can avoid the time-consuming aspect of conventional sourcing activities, save more time for vendor discovery and enhance your vendor relationship .
  • Evaluate and select your vendors. You can evaluate your vendors based not only on the bids they place but also on various parameters such as; delivery period, payment types, terms, conditions,etc. make your selection and walk through the vendor you wish to award.
  • Sustain fair and transparent vendor relationship. Your vendors can easily see how transparent and fair the bidding and assessment processes are during the whole e-Sourcing lifecycle. So,you will be able to build a sustainable relationship with your vendors in the long run.


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