e-Sales Management

By using our e-Sales Management module, you can easily liquidate all kind of assets subject to sale and make the most out of them under given market conditions at the time of that specific event.

Our proven and seamless SaaS (Software as a Service) based e-Sales Management module features; high end infrastructure, exceptional ease of use, functionality and a cost-free implementation environment. You can easily; qualify your potential buyers by deploying our e-RFI (Request for Information) tool, ask them to make their initial bids by using our e-RFQ / e-RFP (Request for Quotation / Proposal) tool, conduct e-Forward Auctions over the platform by inviting your qualified buyers.

In what ways your company will benefit from our e-Sales Management module?

  • Increase sales price. You can liquidate your assets at the best available prices in accordance with the given market conditions at the time of the event by using our e-Sales Management module.
  • Save time. You can liquidate your assets via e-Forward Auctions in minutes.
  • Make your sales transparent and fully trackable. You can track every step of e-Forward Auctions to be conducted for liquidation purposes over our transparent e-Sales Management module.
  • Broaden your buyer base and encourage competition. You can reach numerous buyers and invite them to your e-Forward Auctions both to increase competition and sales price.


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