We can seamlessly integrate your company’s incumbent ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with our platform and you can easily take the advantage of ordering all the goods and services based on the prices/terms as agreed on our platform.

Our web based SaaS platform nesting e-Request for Information, e-Request for Quotation/Proposal, e-Auctions, Contract and Supplier Base Management features can easily be integrated with your company’s existing e-Procurement solution, where crucial phases of your company’s procurement lifecycle can be taken under control and track of transactions be kept on division basis.

In what ways your company will benefit from e-Procurement?

  • Procure efficiently and save time. You can control your spendings in your procurement lifecycle in detail and transfer time consuming documentation into the electronic platform to increase efficiency.
  • Customize on demand. You can customize your e- Procurement module according to your company’s needs and manage the lifecycle in line with your company’s procurement strategies and behaviors. Furthermore, you can manage the procurement lifecycle easily by utilizing customized reports and authorization capabilities.
  • Take maverick spendings under control. You can easily; determine the prices and terms of the goods and services subject to your orders, gather the needs of your company on both employee and division basis through our Platform and benefit from the synergy of your company’s centralized procurement activities by making your purchases based on the best possible prices in the given market conditions. As a result, you will both prevent your employees from consuming extra time on sourcing and take maverick spendings under control.
  • Save time for strategic planning and procurement. By transfering your everyday procurement transactions to electronic environment, you can grant more time to your purchasing professionals in order to let them redefine your company’s purchasing habits, processes, behaviors and increase vendor interaction. Hence, you can maximize the utilization of procurement lifecycle by using your resources more efficiently.


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