Contract Management

Managing the contracts, given the number of deals made and their monetary values, will be even more challenging as ‘’strategic partnerships’’ and ‘’outsourcing activities’’ pose a vital role in today’s globalized ecosystem.

Our SaaS based contract management module enables you to seamlessly and easily; create, manage, view, edit, audit your contracts in line with your e-Sourcing activities and generate reports on demand.

In what ways your company will benefit from our Contract Management module?

  • You can view and manage all of your contracts by adopting our unified contract management module.
  • You can increase your company’s internal process efficiency and establish a value laden relationship with your customers,vendors and subsidiaries.
  • You can allow only authorized employees to have access to contracts regardless of place and time limitations.
  • Every single user can be electronically notified about the payments due, penalties and various upcoming commitments associated with the contract.


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